Youth Leadership Chatuge

Youth Leadership Chatuge is a semester-long leadership development course for 6th-8th graders at Hayesville Middle School. Students invited to participate in the course will be selected based on:

⦁ Online assessments of organizational leadership ability.
⦁ Interest in and commitment to attendance and participation in the course.
⦁ Openings available, due to limited class size.

The course offers high-caliber, hands-on, activity-based leadership training and is most effective with students who enjoy organizing and leading others, for example, as team or project leaders.

This Application can be completed by an adult who’s observed the student in social and other settings OR by a student who wants to be in the course.

⦁ It’s ok if more than one application for the same student is received (like, from a parent and a coach).
⦁ AS PART OF THE APPLICATION, 2 to 3 NYLI* online surveys must be received for the applicant.

Instructions for the NYLI survey are linked under Youth Leadership Chatuge on the Workshop/Training page at


* Nelson Young Leader Inventory, developed by LeadYoung Training Systems.

Youth Leadership Chatuge Application
(include first and last name)
Your relationship with the student: *
Enter the name and role (such as, teacher, coach, youth/club leader, neighbor, pastor, etc.)
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