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COVID-19 Updates and Resources

For all group leaders and “all participants” – COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols for Mission Volunteers can be found by clicking 2023 COVID-19 Protocols & Guidelines

Each group leader is required to complete and submit this form: 

COVID-19 Group Leader Protocol
Headline: COVID Guidelines & Protocols Covenant

ONLY FOR GROUP LEADERS TO FILL OUT, not individual mission participants.

I, as a mission group leader, have read and shared the COVID Guidelines & Protocols for Mission Volunteers with all participants/parents/guardians coming to Hinton Center. I understand that Hinton Center is following the NCDHHS guidelines, as well as recommendations from CDC and local agencies, and that Hinton Center may update any COVID-related guidelines at any time. I agree that our mission team will follow set guidelines and protocols that Hinton Center sets.

Use your mouse to sign your name or use the keyboard and type your name.  When you click 'submit' below  a copy of this covenant will be sent to the email address above.