Bird Feeders and Pie Pans: Pandemic, Faith, and the Rural Community

A New Small Group Resource Available for Pandemic Times

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Over 50 clergy and lay people from across the country registered for this 5-session webinar series that concluded May 27, 2020. Because of the information, resources, and guidance it provides, Hinton is making the series available in digital format, at a minimal charge, for use with small groups, Sunday school classes, ministry teams, and more.

Resource Description: We fill feeders and hang houses for them, hoping the birds will rid our yards of bugs and fill our days with song. At the same time, pie pans hang in our fruit trees and scarecrows stand watch over our gardens, to keep those same birds away from our produce. Just as there are multiple, creative responses to birds in gardens, rural folk have the potential to respond to their COVID-19 realities and the fallout from this disease. In this webinar series, taught by Methodist congregational studies and rural ministry scholar Dr. Jonathan LeMaster-Smith, you’ll explore those realities and consider some uniquely Christian and rural ways in which we can respond.

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Introduction to the series; how to use this resource
Topics, descriptions, and outlines
Videos of the 5 webinars
PowerPoint presentations, along with PDF versions
Discussion Guide for small group reflection/discussion