Volunteer Opportunities

Serve at Hinton, Serve in the Community

The Volunteer Center

A new program has been established for North Carolina and Georgia. Focusing on the far west counties of Clay, Cherokee and Towns counties, The Volunteer Center will manage volunteers for non-profits, schools, churches, and other qualifying organizations. Based out of the Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, N.C., this new program is managed by the Reverend Marji Hill, an ordained deacon of The United Methodist Church.

Our goal is to be a central location for those looking to get involved with non-profits, whether as a volunteer, board member, civic or social entrepreneur, or job transitioner, as well as those already working within the sector by providing training and technical assistance, leadership development programs, and other opportunities designed to help non-profits be more effective and efficient.

A key component of the new program is to use technology to streamline the volunteer recruitment process for everyone. The platform being used is VOLY, which is targeted to make volunteer opportunities easy to find for those who want to serve in their community.

Our Organizations

A new easy-to-use, web-based service has been specially created for The Volunteer Center. VOLY offers organizations a customized profile page where daily visitors can view and respond to volunteer opportunities. Different plans are available based on your organization’s need.

For Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities are available at Hinton Center as well as at other organizations in Clay and surrounding counties. If you are interested in volunteering, you can go online and search for opportunities, easily finding them based on your skills and passions. For example, an experienced grant writer can enter “grant writer” in the search criteria and find non-profits needing that type of assistance. Creating an online profile is not necessary, but if you wish to get regular communications from favorite organizations, you can become a “fan”. You can also easily communicate directly with the non-profit online without having to search for a website or email address.

If you would like to volunteer at Hinton Center, specifically, you can visit our Voly page here. If you are interested in Hinton Center and/or other organizations in the area, you can click here (add the VOLY link from previous paragraphs). Or, for more information about volunteer opportunities, email Marji Hill at marji@hintoncenter.org.

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