Theotokos Connections Curriculum Order

Theotokos Connections Curriculum Order
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This confirmation resource is being made available for a one-time user fee. As a United Methodist nonprofit agency, Hinton will use the funds received to pay the curriculum writers, copyright registration, and to support the Theotokos Confirmation ministry, so that Theotokos curriculum and retreats are accessible and affordable for all.

Upon receipt of your order and payment, you’ll be sent a zip file of the resource, either emailed to you or mailed to you on a USB drive. Since you’ll have it in hand for future use, please consider making a donation to Hinton, in the future, if you continue to use this curriculum with your Confirmation classes. This is all on the honor system!

Confirmation Curriculum Fee is $10.00 per participant, confirmands and adult leaders.

Optional donation to support Theotokos Confirmation ministry

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