Hinton Youth Leadership Academy Registration

Hinton YouthLead Academy

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete and submit by July 25 with PayPal payment of $30 to Hinton Rural Life Center .

(include first and last name)
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Your Upcoming Year in School:
MINISTRY/PROJECT IDEA OR ISSUE I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT: Over the course of the weekend Academy, you’ll get to work on a ministry or project – let’s call it a “Fruitfulness Project” -- that addresses a concern or issue or need you feel strongly about. So, briefly describe that idea or inspiration you have for a project/ministry that would help others in some way. Maybe it’s just a problem you see in our world – or your community – that breaks your heart or something you feel God’s calling you to do something about, even if you’re not sure what that is. Limit 200 words.
Limit to 200 words

ADULT MENTOR(S): To participate in Hinton YouthLead Academy, you must be accompanied by one or two adults from your church who can serve as your mentor(s). Consult with your youth leader, pastor, and/or parent/guardian as to who might be a good mentor for you. He/she will participate in the workshops, worship, and reflection times with you. Ideally, this is an adult who:

  • You admire and respect, enjoy being around, and are comfortable talking with.
  • Is a member of your church.
  • Is a leader – either in his/her positions at work, in your church, and/or in community organizations.
  • Is able to participate in the entire Academy with you and mentor you through the completion of your “Fruitfulness Project.”