Mission Outreach – Group Roster & Travel Information

You may need to subdivide your group into “small groups” – this will be based on number of participants and your vehicles. Each small group will be assigned a color for identification purposes. This will be your group(s) for the week – no substitutions. We will coordinate meals and activities according to your small group. Your small group(s) will need to ride in the same vehicles all week and will be working together, and lodging in the same spaces. Please look for signs with your team color and listen for announcements by team colors. We recommend at least two adults per small group. It is important to keep small group members together and not substitute in case we need to do contact tracing/ quarantining / etc. If you have questions, please contact Dawn ASAP.
To be completed by the Group Leader only and returned to Hinton Center by May 15, 2023.
Mission Outreach - Group Roster & Travel Information

Hinton Missions Outreach Group Roster & Travel Info

Please list EVERY participant (youth and adults). Please list adults FIRST.

Use the 'Add' button below to add additional persons to your group. When you are done adding, proceed to the next field.

Do you prefer having adults lodging in the same rooms as youth?
Please list the vehicle you are bringing for this “small group” or for your entire team, whichever applies.

Use the 'Add' button to add additional vehicles and/or drivers. When you are done, click Submit to complete your travel form.